Thursday, May 21, 2009

When You're Intolerant You're Barely Tolerable

I have always been troubled
That seems to be my basic nature
My troubles seem to boil from within but really require an outside source of heat
I say heat not light because anger is rarely illuminatory

You can get me boiling by what you say about the state of the world
You can raise my temperature easily by proclaiming you don't care
You can control me, dial me up or down, by being beastly
I don't tolerate a selfish foolish feeble mind all that well

We use the word when describing paint jobs or dye jobs or carpeting
We say they do or don't tolerate this or that
Plants are said to be "shade and drought tolerant"
I guess that means they like to suffer

I don't
I don't survive just to survive
I survive to live
I'm intolerant