Monday, February 25, 2008

"Making a Mark" by Michael Serafin

I am not a rich man or very influential, and most of the people I've met weren't either, by the measure of gold or power. Looked at statistically, so few individuals meet this standard definition of "world-shaker" we write books about them, as if they were all-worthy of worship.

Well, maybe they are worthy of praise. They have excelled. They made a mark on this planet, and they are in our memory banks as legends, living or dead. Some are more notorious than beloved, of course (we could name names) but what should that matter, really? In virtually every case someone listened to them, looked to them as leaders, or admired their spirit.

These famous people were not "loners," none of them were. Oh, they may have lived and even died alone, but they persist in history because they were not as normal as we are. They were beyond and above normal. Perhaps you could even say ABnormal. They were Special. And because of that, they were noticed. And because they garnered this notice, you really must say they were Social people... their thoughts and passions became patterns for us all.

Do you think you are Special? I hope you do. I hope that you try to prove you are worthy, every day. But bear in mind that to be special, to excel, to carry on abnormally in a very normal world, you don't have a hope without someone to share it. You can't have a dream without help with its dreaming. You won't make a mark with no eyes wide to see it.


Andrée said...

I have always thought that well-known people are social. They draw attention to themselves. Sometimes they even do so purposefully so that they gather praise (do they do great things in order to hear the praise?). Others are so averse to praise they don't want anyone to know what they have accomplished.

Newton defended himself vigorously against claims of Leibniz. If I had been Newton, I would've gladly let Leibniz claim the discovery of calculus and simply disappeared.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I tend to be too spontaneous to worry but if I were leaving tracks though the snow, I would like the to make a delicate arching filigree, like fox tracks or the tiny traces of a mouse.

How about some more guidance as to the purpose of this blog and what should be posted here?

---Michael--- said...

Guidance, Mary? The purpose is simply the search for truth and knowledge, and the efforts, failures and successes involved in doing least that was my intention!
The term "impression" can mean either of two things: the effect the world has on us, or the effect we have on the world.